Nyylcon 30'

30” container for powdery materials allowing the simultaneous transport of 2 containers on 1 railroad carriage.



  • the nyylcon container can legally transport up to 5 tons of material more by road. This is allowed due to a special legislative exception for intermodal transport, where the maximum truck-unit weight reaches 44 tons
  • the nyylcon container can be manipulated and/or emptied using a forklift
  • thanks to its ability to be turned over completely, the nyylcon container guarantees complete emptying each and every time
  • the containers can be delivered by trucks with standard container chassis or tilt chassis
  • open top, hard top or tarpaulin cover
  • simple container storage, up to 4 containers can be stacked on top of each other


  • powdery materials, coal, coke, grit, gravel, scrap metal, woodchips, milled materials

Technical specification

External dimensions: length 9,125 m; width 2,550 m; height 2,670 m
Interior dimensions: length 8,920 m; width 2,370 m; height 2,380 m
Rear door aperture: 2,260 m x 2,000 m
Internal volume: 51m3
Weight: total 36,000 kg; empty 4,000 kg; net load 32,000 kg